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Air Charter

Our air charter services include:

  • Support flights for exploration sites
  • Flights Tours
  • Charters to your remote cottage
  • Charters to your favorite fishing/hunting/hiking viewing spots
  • Specialized air surveys
  • Aerial photography
  • Forestry support flights
  • Sporting Lodges flight support
  • Business Charters anywhere within Newfoundland and Labrador



Our basic rates:

Cessna A185F

  • $530.00/HR
  • $5.30/Mile
  • $235.00 minimum charge per flight
  • 1/2 Hour free wait time



DeHavilland Beaver

  • $800.00/HR
  • $8.00/mile
  • $320.00 minimum charge per flight
  • $1/2 Hour free wait time 



Canoeing / Kayaking:

  • Packages based on 2 persons per flight- with canoe.

  • Drop offs at headwaters of the Bay du Nord river, Terra Nova River, Long Harbour or the North West River. Drops and pick ups anywhere on the Newfoundland coast









Please contact us for specific quotes on charter flights.


Regulations administered by the Canadian Transportation Agency require that Clarenville Aviation Limited Domestic Tariff be available for your inspection upon request.