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We operate a world reknown De Havilland Beaver and a 1980 Cessna A185F Skywagon II Float equipped aircraft.

 The Dehavilland Beaver can carry up to 6 passengers or 4 with gear plus pilot. The Cessna 185 Carries 3 passengers and pilot  plus gear.  Long range fuel tanks enables the Cessna 185 aircraft to stay in flight for up to 6 hours without refueling.

Considered to be the sports car of bush planes  the Cessna cruises at 135mph and can carry a  useful load of 1200 lbs for over 600miles.


The Dehavilland Beaver considered to be the work horse of bush planes can carry a useful load of over 1800 lbs


Whether you are looking to move mining samples, moose meat or a business charter the DHC-2 Beaver or the Cessna 185 will certainly offer you the executive style charter to suit your needs.