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Flight Tour Package 1

  • Customize your own tour.

Flight Tour Package 2

  • Whale viewing and Cape Bonavista.
  • Rates start at $230.00 per person.

Flight Tour Package 3

  • Terra Nova national Park and Golf Course.
  • Rates start at $75.00 per person.

Flight Tour Package 4

  • Scenic Mount Sylvester and the Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve.
  • Rates Start at $180.00 per person.


Flight Tour Package 5

  • Scenic east south coast community of Rencontre and Long Harbour River.
  • Rates start at $205.00 per person.

Flight Tour Package 6

  • Scenic south coast of Newfoundland flight, remote towns McCallum, Francois and Grey River, includes spot for lunch.
  • Rates start at $490.00 per person.


Flight Tour Package 7

  • Animal viewing flight. Slow and low flights along strategic river systems for viewing of moose, woodland caribou and black bear as well as many kinds of waterfowl. 
  • Rates start at $150.00 per person.


Flight Tour Package 8

  • Iceberg viewing.
  • Rates start at $200.00 per person.


Note:  All flight package pricing are based on occupancy of  3 persons per flight with Cessna aircraft or 4-6 with the Dehavilland Beaver. Please inquire for alternate pricing or for your customized tour.