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Local Plan Hunting Packages


Ptarmigan Hunting

  • CAL offers 4 locations for ptarmigan hunting.

  • Two full service lodges on the southwest coast in great hunting areas.
  • Two locations on the east coast, based from tent camps as well as full service lodge.


Packages include air transportation from Thorburn Lake, accommodations, boats motors and gas.


Big Game Hunting

  • Locations in various Moose Management Areas as well as Caribou Management Area.  MMA`s 28, 27, 26, 25 and 18 and CMA 64.

  • Packages include air transportation from Thorburn Lake, accommodations, boats motors and gas.

  • Amenities such as food cooks and guides can be added to these packages.

Please contact us for special pricing.


American Plan

Full service adventures:



Special Fishing Gallery

(click any image to open slide show)